Transnusa Airlines flight from Bali to Labuan Bajo

Starting with the inaugural flight on August 4, 2005, PT. TransNusa Air Services which is a growing company that provides flight management of air transport through tactical cooperation with several domestic flight operator to connect the entire route destination in Bali and Nusa Tenggara. Through a working partnership with Aviastar, PT. Indonesia Air Transport, Sriwijaya Air and Riau Airlines, a company can significantly succeeded in developing the service, development of better, more definite schedule, offering speed and increase the flight frequency. While previously encountered problems is the lack of ownership and the availability of aircraft, but through the alliance and cooperation with several operators TransNusa answer these thorny problems. Using the type of aircraft with a configuration better, bigger and not noisy, TransNusa trying to improve service standards in travel to remote areas in Nusa Tenggara.

Transnusa Air Service

1. Flight Schedule

From Bali (DPS) to Labuan Bajo (LBJ)
Airlines Flight No. Route Dep Arr Day of Operate
Transnusa Airlines MV 912 DPS-LBJ 07:00 08:05 2457
Transnusa Airlines MV 838 DPS-LBJ 08:00 09:05 136
Merpati Airlines MZ 6550 DPS-LBJ 08:55 10:30 Daily
Sky Air SY 750 DPS-LBJ 10:00 11:30 Daily
Merpati Airlines MZ 6129 DPS-LBJ 11:25 13:25 25
Merpati Airlines MZ DPS-LBJ 13:15 14:50 1346
Lion Air JT 1830 DPS-LBJ 13:35 14:55 Daily

From Labuan Bajo (LBJ) to Bali (DPS)
Airlines Flight No. Route Dep Arr Day of Operate
Lion Air JT 1831 LBJ-DPS 08:30 09:50 Daily
Merpati Airlines MZ 6130 LBJ-DPS 09:20 10:55 25
Transnusa Airlines MV 913 LBJ-DPS 09:35 10:40 2457
Merpati Airlines MZ 6551 LBJ-DPS 11:10 12:45 Daily
Sky Air SY 751 LBJ-DPS 12:10 13:40 Daily
Merpati Airlines MZ 6553 LBJ-DPS 15:35 17:10 1346
Transnusa Airlines MV 837 LBJ-DPS 16:30 17:35 2457

Remarks :

  1. Check in time for domestic flight is 1 hour before departure time
  2. Airport Tax applied Rp 30.000 per person, paid after you get the boarding pass
  3. Minimum connecting time if you flight to lombok on the sam day with arrival in Bali is 2 hours, we highly recommend to have more time due to occasionaly customs procedure need longer time.
  4. Free baggage allowance is 20 kilos for each persons
  5. Transnusa allow you to bring surf board with maximum size 6 feet, otherwise you have to take Merpati Airlines or Garuda Airlines. Please mentioned when you make reservation if your bring surf board.
  6. Over weight luggage cost applied about Rp 8.000 per kilos
  7. Children's Rates is not applied for this flight, except infant rates up to 2 years old.

How to book :

  1. Please fill completely contact form page or just click book now button below
  2. We will reply maximum 24 hours after your email received
  3. We make a reservation and send you the details for your confirmation
  4. After you agree with term and condition, we will send you the payment request intregrated with PayPal system
  5. After payment done, PayPal will send you the notification of payment
  6. We send you electronic flight ticket by email

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